Mathieu Fouliard


Mathieu Fouliard (aka Mataio) is a waterman living on the beautiful Island named Tahiti in French Polynesia. He lives, breathes, and sleeps the ocean life. He is well versed in many ocean sports including Surfing, SUP race, downwind paddling, windsurfing, hydrofoil, kiteboarding, paddling, SUP surfing, underwater surfing and more. Mataio also has a passion for photography, making videos, and for bringing new people into ocean for unforgettable adventures.

Nationality: French

Residence: Tahiti South Coast

Discipline: Wave riding, Islands Crossing

Favourite manouvers: Big Bottom Turn

Favorite gear: RRD Super Sup 8’11, Arrow 14′ LTD

Favorite spots: Tahiti South Coast

Hobbies: Windsurf, Watching tv and playstation

INSTAGRAM: @mathieu_fouliard


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