Comes with a PADDED cover with velcro to fasten it inside the bag


The new Universal fuselage has an extra wide head area to carry and support super wide wings (up to 120 cms wingspan and 2500 sqcms) and entirely redesigned for maximum lightweight. Its new wider middle and front section design can sustain higher flex and torsion pressure from the input of the mast and front wing and offers an improved level of stiffness. We offer a range of sizes for all foil uses, from the smallest 58 cm to the 100 cm. Lighter, stiffer and with plenty of versatility to always fire up your sessions.

Aluminium100 Cm1,35 kg26UF100343,00€Wind foiling first lesson wing foiling.
Aluminium89 Cm1,10 kg26UF89331,00€Progress in wingfoiling at freeride level for weight riders over 90 Kg.
Aluminium76 Cm0,96 kg26UF76291,00€Best all purpose fuselage for wing/sup use.
Aluminium66 Cm0,78 kg26UF66270,00€Best for kite foiling light wind and wing foiling with strong winds. Additional control in turns and manouverability.
Aluminium58 Cm0,70 kg26UF58259,00€Kite foiling in waves and stronger winds and wingfoiling for lightweight riders looking for extra turning potential.

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