The SWK Carbon mast is a hi-tech master piece for the most demanding riders. We developed this mast with the aim of having a rock solid and ultra light platform. This new carbon technology literally has no flex and no torsion that you can feel while riding. Its layup has an optimized fiber orientation to maximize strength and stability and a 100% carbon as we used only a combination of UD and Biaxial M40 Hi Modulus carbon prepreg fibers. The stiffest Carbon available today. The result is a masterpiece of unparalleled stiffness in both flex and torsion that is going to take your foiling to the next level.

The feeling you get is that of being able to control the tips of your wings as if they were right at your fingertips.



SWK Carbon Mast 85 Y26Full Carbon85 Cm13 Cm18 mm26SWKCM


SWK Carbon Mast 95 Y27Full Carbon95 Cm13 Cm18 mm27SWKCM95


SWK Carbon Mast 105 Y27Full Carbon105 Cm13 Cm18 mm27SWKCM105


Comes with a PADDED cover with velcro to fasten it inside the bag


A new unique and exclusive quality carbon mast, designed, built and finished as a diamond. Designed for hi performance wingfoiling, this mast is a huge improvement also for top level Surf / Sup and Kite use. Built with an exclusive hi density acrylic core to ensure lightweight and stiffness. The pre preg Carbon M40J TORAY® fibers used on this mast are only UD and Biaxial oriented (best layup mix for side and torsional stiffness), with a finishing layer of 3K carbon for best smooth surface.

With a Tensile modulus (stiffness) of 54,7 Msi (million pounds on square inches) and a Tensile strength (axial stress amount before breaking) of 640 Ksi ( kilo-pound per square inches) the TORAY® M40J carbon is the best PAN BASE carbon fiber available in STD weights for premium sport goods applications.

Please realise that the MJ line of Carbon fibers from Toray® are the most expensive carbon fibers in their range and very limited in terms of availability with the longest lead-time from order. Please do not only consider a Carbon mast for its lighter weight compared to an Aluminum mast. Using a lower modulus carbon fibers it is possible to make a lighter mast, but it will most likely have poor torsional and side stiffness. Often a light weight mast is synonymous of poor stiffness and durability. Always choose quality when hydrofoiling, and quality #1 on a hydrofoil mast is: STIFFNESS.

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