Ricci International S.r.l

Via Rubino 15/19
58100 Grosseto
Toscana Italy

Phone: +39 0564 452304 | +39 0564455786
Fax: +39 0564 452691
E-mail info@robertoriccidesigns.com
p.iva 01239530536

Sales manager

Dylan Duffus dylan@robertoriccidesigns.com

France agent

Jean Philippe ROQUES jphilippe.roques@robertoriccidesigns.com

Spain agent

Christian Salvo rrd.spain@hotmail.es

UK agent

Ollie Raby ollie.raby@robertoriccidesigns.com

Italy agent

Edoardo Vivian edoardo.vivian@robertoriccidesigns.com


Wetsuits and Accessories Sales Representative

Adam Super dm_super@yahoo.com

Sales Coordinator for Italy, UK and Ireland

Carlo Casini carlo@robertoriccidesigns.com

Customers’ Service

Worldwide Warranties / Sales Coordinator for Italy and France

Claudio Massei claudio@robertoriccidesigns.com
Yann Nguyen yann.nguyen@robertoriccidesigns.com

Delivery Orders/ Delivery status Italy wharehouse

Adolfo Martucci adolfo@robertoriccidesigns.com

Import/Export coordinator

Orders and delivery status

Paola Pieraccioli – paola.pieraccioli@robertoriccidesigns.com
Lara Tosarelli – lara.tosarelli@robertoriccidesigns.com


Riccardo Rossi riccardo@robertoriccidesigns.com
Moira Bruni moira@robertoriccidesigns.com
Alessandra Cimbri alessandra@robertoriccidesigns.com

Kiteboarding Marketing and Team coordination

Francesco Grassi francesco.grassi@robertoriccidesigns.com

SUP & Surfing Marketing and Team coordination

Jacopo Giusti jacopo.giusti@robertoriccidesigns.com

Windsurfing Marketing and Team coordination

Matteo Guazzoni matteo.guazzoni@robertoriccidesigns.com

R&D Factory Supervisor

Emo Ricci

General Manager

Roberto Ricci roberto@robertoriccidesigns.com

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